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regolamento approfondimento
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Created within the framework of the Ipafeed project, funded by the EU, the Campana & C Company, has followed with particular attention and interest all the knowledge regarding the crops in animal feeds.

Therefore, tools and guidelines have been developed to facilitate the monitoring of long and short-term animal health, highlighting how the beneficial effects of our crops are evident, since they do not contain toxic chemicals produced by fungi that colonize crops damaged by insects.

The Società Campana, establishes the obligation to control the entire supply chain through various certifications and to end up leaving open windows, of a transitory or definitive nature, so that local or national adaptations are possible.

All this, is realized as the Campana company marries a policy, where the certification, the quality and the traceability of the raw materials used, are processed respecting the principles of transparency and seriousness that are at the base of the company.

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