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Speaking of animal husbandry, means paying particular attention to the entire production chain cycle, this requires particular responses, aimed at overcoming the critical issues that arise, both in the organizational field and in terms of transparency, bureaucracy and traceability.

The Campana & C therefore proceeded to sign and obtain immediately all the certifications and relative authorizations, which are used to explain the activities subject to continuous planning control.

Therefore, research activities, technological innovation and national intervention programs are constant, aimed at guaranteeing better efficiency, effectiveness of the raw materials used (simple feeds) and of all the instruments concerning the traceability of products according to what is also established by the Mipaaf.

SS 7 - KM 57,700 VIA APPIA 


CA 04012


| TEL.06 9696480 | P.IVA  00557750593

MONDAY - TUESDAY 08:00 - 18:00

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