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 Our History  


The history of the Campana & C. S.r.l. it is a family history, where culture, values ​​and traditions have intertwined and nurtured over time to create and develop what is today considered a leading company in the processing, marketing and distribution of raw materials for agriculture, in particular cereals.


It was at the beginning of the '70s when Michele Campana, long settled in the Pontine plain, so rich in cereals, which since a very young age had begun to take an interest with passion, endowed with superfine intuitive skills and strong solid experience acquired in the field, he began to frequent the Merchandise Bills of Rome, Bologna and Naples, becoming a point of reference for the most important operators in the sector, first of all the Ferruzzi Family.


The plaque of honor for the "constant and effective contribution to the life and activity of the commodity exchange" received from the Rome Freight Exchange is a source of great satisfaction for the recognition that the cereal world has wanted to pay him at the end of an entirely dedicated career to the work that has been able to carry out with undoubted intuitive and professional abilities, and above all with correctness and loyalty.

Yes, a family story, to which Michele Campana has been able to transfer the values ​​that have accompanied him for a lifetime, which in the sign of continuity on the one hand, but with a strong innovative drive and a renewed commercial organization on the other, is continuing the business successfully.

Under the impulse of his daughter Antonella, in fact, with farsightedness, talent and genius, she developed various economic issues, thus achieving an optimal structural logic where professionalism, commitment, competence and motivation represent today, more than ever, the heart of her business, where the customer is undoubtedly at the center of the activity and it is on this that the company vision has been strongly focused on meeting its needs, the company has now become one of the main players in the sector of processing and supply of products for animal husbandry.


The company today, continuing to maintain a strong grounding in its history, from which it continues to draw strength, and pride, is strongly focused on the certain future that the new generations will be able to treasure.



Michele Campana

Founder Ceo

Founder Ceo

Dr. Antonella Campana

Agriculture represents the art of knowing how to wait;

To ooze a grain of sand and let yourself be swept away by the immensity of nature!

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CA 04012


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