The plant protection products therefore, also called phytosanitary products or crop protection products are all those products, synthetic or natural, which are used to combat the main adversities of plants such as infectious diseases, physiopathies, pests and animal pests, weeds.

More commonly they are also called pesticides term translated from English pesticides, whose use in Italian is evocative of a negative value.

Meaning that in reality such products do not have, as if properly used they have as their only function to protect the health of the crop and to guarantee its survival.

The plant protection products are all those synthetic or natural products, which are used to combat the adversities of plants (infectious diseases, physiopathies, parasites and animal phytophages, weeds).

Nella categoria dei fitofarmaci possono esserre ricompresi:anticrittogamici (contrastano le malattie e/o alterazioni da funghi e batteri); nematocidi, insetticidi e acaricidi (combattono insetti e altri animali dannosi); diserbanti ed erbicidi (eliminano le malerbe); fitoregolatori (ormoni vegetali ed assimilabili); radicanti e bracchizzanti.  

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