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progetti specifici, mettendo a disposizione anche le proprie competenze agronomiche e di mercato in modo tale da migliorare la qualità delle sementi, fornire assistenza tecnica, sperimentare e investire in un programma di miglioramento genetico, collaborando con società ed istituti nazionali ed internazionali. 



Internal audits and customer audits are stimulating tools for continuous improvement, also confirmed by external certifiers. Three different staff deal with quality and synergy, with different objectives and scopes, on production chains and in the assurance of quality principles.

Research and innovation have always been our strengths, this is why for years now the Campana company is a partnership of many leading companies in the service of agriculture, providing a new approach of absolute excellence through specific projects.


We work with passion to strengthen our brand, creating variety, innovation and excellent services, also making available its agronomic and market skills in order to improve the quality of seeds, provide technical assistance, experiment and invest in a program of genetic improvement.


Thanks to the expertise developed and constant investment Campana, collaborates with various institutions both nationally and internationally carrying out several projects, such as evaluations of different types of seeds, wheat plants and large tracts of land, this allows several experiments aimed at implementing support activities of the most advanced molecular screening techniques.


Projects aimed at the maximum agronomic evaluation of their genetics.

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CA 04012


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